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Coaches and Assistant Coaches play a unique and indispensable role in Special Olympics Kansas. Coaches provide the sports skills and spirit that define a true athlete and serve as role models and character builders. Special Olympics Kansas offers 22 sports.

What a Coach Does:

  • Coaches attend weekly practices in their community with a Local Program and attend competitions as part of that teams delegation.
  • Coaches DO NOT need sports knowledge- there are plenty of coach positions for novice, including assistant coach, manager, waterboy, team volunteer, playing catch, practing shooting, socializing with the athletes
  • Time commitment is 8-9 weeks; one hour a week for practice and 6 hours for each of the 2 competitions. Coaches may coach multiple sports and multiple seasons. Special Olympics Kansas offers 22 sports with opportunities year-round.

Steps to Become a Coach:

Steps to Become a Certified Coach:

  • Complete the above requirements.
  • Attend a Special Olympics General Orientation and a sport specific training clinic conducted by a qualified Special Olympics clinician OR Complete the Courses Online
  • Maintain certification by renewing your sports certification every 4 years
  • Each team needs at least one certified coach. Local Programs with multiple teams will need multiple certified coaches.

For more information on Sports Specific Certification, click here

For more information about your Region/Local Program, click here

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