Metro Region

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Special Olympics Polar Bear Only

The Polar Plunge registration is now open!    Enroll your non-profit team in our revenue share! Click here to learn more to learn more!



Anderson, Atchison, Coffey, Doniphan, Douglas, Franklin, Jefferson, Johnson, Leavenworth, Linn, Miami, Osage, Wyandotte

Major Cities

Kansas City, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Overland Park, Olathe, Ottawa, Paola, Shawnee

Local Programs & Contact Information
RegionCountyLocal ProgramsLocal Program CoordinatorEmail Address
MetroAnderson CountyNo Teams Currently
MetroAtchison CountyAtchison Aztecs - 1130Donna
MetroCoffey CountyCoffey County Crushers - 522BNichole
MetroDoniphan CountyNo Teams Currently
MetroDouglas CountyDouglas County Jayhawks - 1102Aaron
MetroFranklin CountyMidwest Wildfires - 504Becky Hastings/Sean
MetroFranklin CountyOttawa Hurricanes - 524Aaron
MetroJefferson CountyJefferson County Super Heros - 1132Richard
MetroJohnson CountyBlue Valley Blue Streaks - 450Nan
MetroJohnson CountyGardner Gold - 464Adraina
MetroJohnson CountyJCPRD Rangers - 446Lindsey
MetroJohnson CountyOlathe Trailblazers - 420Marisa
MetroJohnson CountyShawnee Storm - 472Pat
MetroJohnson CountySpring Hill Sharks - 421Trishelle
MetroLeavenworth CountyLeavenworth Cty Special Olympics - 1128Vicki
Metro/SoutheastLinn County USD 346 Jr Jayhawks – 1030Laure
Metro/SoutheastLinn County Tri-Ko - 1048Cinda
MetroMiami CountyAgape, LLC - 456Susan
MetroMiami CountyFrontier League Champion - 462Marilyn
MetroMiami CountyLakemary Stars - Youth - 515Sara
MetroMiami CountyLakemary Stars - 519Mark
MetroMiami CountyLouisburg Wildcats - 423Cindy
MetroMiami CountyPrairie View Buffalos - 470Cheryl
Metro/North CentralOsage CountyThree Lakes Coop - 505Amy
MetroWyandotte CountyBonner Springs Special Olympics - 410Ian
MetroWyandotte CountyKCK Champs - 453Leslie
MetroWyandotte CountyKCK Kings - 416Anne
MetroWyandotte CountyTimberwolves - 468Anne
MetroWyandotte CountyWyandotte County Bears - 430Andrea

Down Syndrome Physical Activity Study – The University of Kansas is doing a research study for adults with Down Syndrome. Please view the flyer for detailed information. Contact Jessie at 785-864-0782 or for more information and eligibility requirements.

KU Flyers – 2016 – The University of Kansas is doing a research study..  Please view the flyer for detailed information  Contact Andrew at or 785-764-3770 or visit,  for more information and eligibility requirements.

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